Sleeping Beauties – Book Review

Stephen King is not an ordinary writer. The guy is a machine! While I’m writing a review of his last released book Sleeping Beauties (co-authored by his son Owen King), he has already announced two new books for this year. Anyhow, the thickness of this book was nightmarish itself, but was it worth it? What happens if women disappear from the world? Well, they don’t actually disappear, but fall asleep. It’s something no one can fathom, but the women all around the world are falling asleep. They become shrouded in a cocoon-like gauze and must not be disturbed because if you try to wake them up or disturb the gauze, they wake as a feral and violent creature. As the virus (as people call it) spreads and captures most of the women, a word spreads about a mysterious women Evie, who is the only woman who can wake up after sleeping. Who is this woman and what role does she play in this calamity that is breaking apart the entire world? Too many characters. Too many damn characters. At the beginning of Sleeping Beauties, you have a list of about 70 characters and I was left stunned. I absolutely […]

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