By: DrFredbear924 April decides to her favorite place at , Freddy’s. When she does, she looks at the lifeless animatronics and walks up to her favorite, Toy Chica. She opens her eyes after April touches her and she asks, " aren’t you smiling, darling?" Smile for Me Shadow Toy Chica (For /u/ShinyRuban on Freddit) The lights flickered down the hall. little girl’s laugh was also heard. The door to the ‘Parts and Service’ was wide open. It was letting out the cold air from inside. The girl pranced out of the darkness of the hall and into the light. She wore silky dress with black bow hanging down from the back of her hair. Her name was April Levy. She loved to sneak her out of her and come to Freddy’s at night. However, not too late because the night guard comes out at twelve. Her favorite character from this magical world was Toy Chica. Toy Chica smiles so much that it could the whole world smile if they visited this place. A smile so bright that it is even brighter than the sun. April walked to […]

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