(Note: This a of the Malayalam of Solo. The film has been simultaneously made in Tamil.) Salmaan as hot as I imagine the Mercury must be. Now imagine bringing Mercury down to earth, cloning it to generate four blazing balls of fire and packing them into a single film. what writer-director Bejoy Nambiar has done in his new release Solo , an anthology of short stories written jointly by Nambiar and Dhanya Suresh, DQ — as he popularly — playing the protagonist in each. Too hot to ? Jokes (meaning, that hormonally charged first paragraph) aside, actually not. Nambiar handles the central artiste in his cast as any director should treat a gifted performer: with respect but not reverence. Too many filmmakers ruin potentially good projects by behaving like fanboys rather helmsmen. In Nambiar’s hands though, Solo not star-struck, not designed simply to show off a young superstar’s beauty and talent, not painfully conscious of his presence or overwhelmed by it. Salmaan does not overshadow all else here. He what he and ought to be: an actor playing a part… well, four parts. […]

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