The Justin Bieber remix of the Luis Fonsi-Daddy Yankee song Despacito has already been touted the song of the summer by many. But will it have longevity until September? The original Despacito video, pictured here, has more than billion views on YouTube. (LuisFonsiVEVO/YouTube) Haydn Watters Summer is less than a week old, but guesses already in for what will be the so-called song of the summer. Streaming services Spotify and Pandora have put their picks, on user data . Both lists include the Justin Bieber remix of the Luis Fonsi-Daddy Yankee tune Despacito and Selena Gomez’s Talking Heads-sampling Liar. A lot goes into crafting these tunes — choosing the right collaborators, picking a proper melody, deciding how fast or slow the tempo will be, even timing when it should be released. And though the musicians you know — Bieber, Miley Cyrus, The Weeknd — play a part, it’s their lesser co-songwriters who help ensure they have a hit. Here some musings about what makes a good summer song and advice on how to craft one who have helped write some of the biggest hits of the past summers. Stephan Moccio […]