Special Guest Post ~ The Evolution of an Historical Fiction Trilogy, by Millie Thom

Thank you for the invitation to guest post on The Writing Desk, Tony. I am delighted to accept. Sons of is an historical fiction trilogy set in the Anglo Saxon and Danish lands during the second of the 9th century. The first two books are available on Amazon and I hope to have Book 3, Wyvern of Wessex , published by late May 2018. The three books follow the lives and exploits of historical figure, Alfred of Wessex, and the fictional Eadwulf of Mercia. The trilogy title stems from the fact that both characters are the sons of kings: Alfred the fifth son of the historical King Aethelwulf of Wessex, and Eadwulf the fictional son of the historical Mercian king, Beorhtwulf. stories run concurrently, and I was careful to fit Eadwulf7; story into the chronology of Alfred’. I first became interested in King Alfred when I and taught in Wantage in the 1970. Wantage was, reputedly, where Alfred was born. Today, in the market place of the small Oxfordshire town, stands one of the two most famous statues of the Wessex king. The other is in Winchester, which became Alfred’ capital. The story of Alfred’ […]

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