SPIDER-MEN II #2 by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli features action, drama, and quips. In this issue, Bendis relies more on dialogue than story progression, making this a borderline filler issue. However, this isn’t much of a problem because Peter Parker’s bromance with Miles Morales is just incredibly endearing. In SPIDER-MEN II #2, Bendis’ characterizations of the two Spider-Men are on point. Pichelli, as usual, brings beautiful and expressive art to the table with this issue as well. Overall, SPIDER-MEN II #2, while light in the story department, generally makes up for this with the expert-level dialogue, characterization, and art. The Treacherous Taskmaster SPIDER-MEN II #2 opens with Peter and Miles confronting Taskmaster, who just stepped through a dimensional portal. Peter deduces that it may be the same one that transported him to the Ultimate Universe in the original SPIDER-MEN miniseries. Peter and Miles attack Taskmaster. Taskmaster seems to have gained new energy-based superpowers. He makes short work of the two Spideys and gets away while taking the portal with him. The Spider-Men wonder how Taskmaster gained these new powers and how the portal became portable. Beginning this issue with a fight scene was a great choice by […]

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