Star Trek: Discovery Could Be The Best Star Trek Series Ever

Image: Netflix We’ five episodes into the instalment of the Star Trek television canon. Despite some about the Klingons appearance and the way they speak, I think Star Trek: Discovery has the potential to be the best Star Trek series put to air. Some, perhaps many, will disagree but after just five episodes, I’ve seen enough to make me think this could take the into places Gene Roddenberry went before. If you haven’t watched an episode of Discovery yet and plan to – be warned. There will be plenty of spoilers following. I up Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS). While the original series was released before I was born and cancelled before I could , I watched every episode on re-runs and bought the digitally remastered set, it again a few times. I’ve recently rewatched all of Enterprise – it never really got going until seasons three and four. Deep Space Nine and Voyager were both consistently better than TNG . TNG had some great episodes but its episodic nature meant there was plenty of filler between the really good bits. The ongoing narratives of DS9 and Voyager resulted in […]

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