'Star Trek' Script Contest in 'Please Stand By' is From a Parallel Universe

In one telling scene of the new Ben Lewin film Please Stand By , a caregiver named Scottie (Toni Collette) asks her son Sam (River Alexander) why her autistic charge Wendy (Dakota Fanning) finds Star Trek so “fascinating.” Exasperated with his mother’s nerdy bias, Sam says “Maybe it’s the characters.” Out this weekend in a limited theatrical release and available through VOD digital services, Please Stand By tells Wendy’s story: a young autistic woman hell-bent on delivering her sprawling Star Trek fan script to a writing contest. Like all good Star Trek, Please Stand By is a character-driven story, seemingly one without any science fiction . Still, the film’s script writing contest does come from an alternate dimension. “I don’t think there was a contest like this, no,” Lewin tells Inverse . “But, we politely asked J.J. Abrams if he would do a TV announcement. He was considering it! But he gave it his blessing. It’s not based on an actual contest, but it could have been.” In the movie, the writing contest seems to take place in present-day and encourages writers to send in their fan scripts to “Star Trek Boldy Go Writing Contest.” Something like this hasn’t […]

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