Resources for Writers One of the most difficult aspects of writing to get right, and to sustain over a piece on long-form fiction, is point of view. Getting it wrong is the quickest way to lose a reader. When it falters, the reader loses faith in the author’s ability to keep up the wonderful pretence that is fiction. When I open the pages of a book and I am entering into an often-unacknowledged contract with the author. If they keep their side of the deal, I will drawn into another world, with characters, I have never met. My part of the deal is to go along for the ride. In order for me to do so, I have to believe in the story and the characters. If the PoV drops at any stage I feel cheated. All stories are told and written from a point of view. If you fail to master this and to execute it correctly, you will threaten whatever trust you have built up with the reader. Point of view comes from the Latin word, punctum visus , which when translated means ‘point sight’, suggesting it’s where you point your eyes. If a character is looking […]

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