Publishers are banding together to take on a threat they can’t handle alone Credit: Warner Bros. The duopoly is forcing some unlikely partners into bed with each other. Large publishers are hatching new alliances to counter Google and Facebook, the so-called duopoly that’s expected to capture 85% of new digital advertising this year in the U.S. and 60% of digital spending, according to various estimates. The duopoly’s biggest advantage is immense reach among consumers who sign in and reveal all kinds of details about themselves. To begin to catch up, half of the comScore 250 — which include publishers like The New York Daily News, Penske Media and The Weather Co. — have enlisted with ad-tech company Sonobi to pool their own signed-in users and data. Sonobi says its offering can deliver 150 million logged-in U.S. consumers on any given day, at a time when tracking people with cookies is only getting harder. "Publishers are under tremendous pressure from marketers to deliver scale so they can compete with Google and Facebook," said Susan Bidel, a senior analyst at Forrester. "They have historically competed against each other so to try and get them to cooperate with one another is difficult." […]

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