SundanceTV's Docuseries Cold-Blooded Does What In Cold Blood Didn't, or Couldn't, Do

“We forgot how to pray… Saying the ’s Prayer, we couldn’t remember the order anymore… we couldn’t get past trespasses …” — Edwards, niece of Herbert and Bonnie Clutter Maybe when we talk about murder we get really wrapped up in (sometimes) the victim or (more often) the killer. Countless TV shows track real and imagined murderers, single-offenders, killers, cult killers, psychopaths develop a fascination with the cop tracking them down and passion-criminals pushed by circumstance into something they never imagined they’d it in them to do. We spend a lot less time with the scarred, bereft civilians are left behind. So much of the infamous Clutter murders inflamed the imaginations of people at the time and continues to do so today. This weekend, Sundance has a four-hour documentary event that back into the lives of the Herbert Clutter family, the two men who killed them, and the writer who turned their story into the bestseller In Cold Blood , which basically invented the “true crime” genre and coincidentally turned 50 recently. So much about this scrupulously researched and incredibly detailed documentary is captivating. If I have a complaint, it’s […]

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