SUPERGIRL Review: “Both Sides Now”

Supergirl spirals ever closer to learning the truth behind Reign and the World Killers in this week’s episode, “Both Sides Now.” Though the episode still makes some story choices that feel as though they clash in tone, it manages to bring us some plot developments to the overall season arc. I have to say, more and more this season of Supergirl is starting to feel like a season of The Flash. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, except when you think about the fact that, while The Flash is still a pretty good TV show, the last couple of seasons haven’t been so great (Flashpoint, ugh). I think this is because this season, the show has introduced a mysterious villain who seems unstoppable and bent on wrecking havoc and chaos on everything Supergirl holds dear without any known rhyme or reason. I mean, let’s be honest and really think about this: sure, Reign has stated that her motivations lie in seeking “true” justice, but why? What motivation was there for creating the World Killers in the first place? And why unleash them on Earth, when they were so clearly meant to be unleashed on Krypton? What is to be […]

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