Surprising Jolts of Children’s Literature: Of Bunnies, Cats, Monsters and More

It continues! As ever, folks just can’t seem to write books without slipping references to children’s books into them, left, right, and center. And while it seems an odd exercise to collect these titles, it’s also oddly informative. I’m still trying to piece together a unified theory about why this happens at all. No answers thus far but I live in hope. While I’m pondering and postulating then, here are some surprising jolts of the month: My Mother, the Bunny, and Me by Edith Kunhardt Davis There is a story that they tell about the great children’s librarian Anne Carroll Moore. Apparently when confronted with interactive or tactile books (titles that she considered little better than toys) she would dismiss them with a cursory insult of “Truck!” There is no known record of how she felt about Pat the Bunny , but I think we can make a pretty good assumption from that anecdote. The daughter of Dorothy Kunhardt, author of the aforementioned bunny book, tells the story of her mother, the book, and her own life. PW says the book contains “casual insights into children’s book publishing” which is the most intriguing element to me. Was the Cat […]

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