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Treading softly, but it did occur to me on waking this morning that maybe a good solution for several issues would be to make a zipped project the actual default Scrivener format. Now ducking, but here are some thoughts behind...

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"Ring around the rosie, a pocketful of posy, ashes, ashes we all fall down." Voice is floating down the halls, echoing around my brain, ashes, ashes, THEY ALL FALL DOWN. Humming, humming, clothes are dirty, hands are...

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Zoe sandler agent interview

Zoe Sandler joined ICM Partners in October 2011, and has spent much of that time working for and Jul 18, 2016 Zoe Sandler. Beth Turley’s IF THIS WERE A STORY, a coming-of-age novel about an eleven-year-old, whose method of...

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Short story

This text reveals that discoveries and discovering can offer new understanding and renewed perception of ourselves and others. These can be far reaching and transformation fort the individual and broader society. The young girl...

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