The Barr Brothers explore dimensions of sound in reflective third album

Berkeley rapper Koran Streets offers refreshing take on hip-hop in deluxe edition of ‘You.Know.I.Got.It’ The Killers’ ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ brings refreshing sonics, but frustrating disjoints Open Mike Eagle turns an American hero in ‘Brick Body Kids Still Daydream’ Seamlessly straddling folk, indie/alternative, rock and avant-garde distortion, the Barr Brothers’ Queens of the Breakers carves its niche by crossing and reinventing genres. The uninhibited creative energies of guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Brad Barr, drummer Andrew Barr and harpist Sarah Pagé catalyze 50 minutes of deftly layered enigmatic sound and complimentary lyrics reflecting on life’s growing complexity. Since the release of its 2014 sophomore album, Sleeping Operator , a lot has changed for the Barr Brothers. Brad and Andrew Barr both settled down and became fathers, old friends and places have faded with time, and nostalgia palpably drips from fond adolescent memories. These admittedly cliché themes characterize many of songwriter Brad Barr’s lyrics. But, as the Barr Brothers’ lives have become increasingly multidimensional, its music has followed suit. The songwriter’s words are transformed into something beyond language by the haunting harmonies and echoing instrumentals that flow through Queens of the Breakers . This latest release drops much of the acoustic, indie sound characteristic of the […]

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