The Best Films We Saw This Year

The Big Sick In 2017, as they always do, the three writers who fill most of the space for this column spent a lot of time watching movies. Below, they each tell you a little bit about the film they saw that impressed them most. The Big Sick On a base level, there may be no more inherently accessible film construct than the romantic comedy. The need to find connection in somebody else, and the corresponding craving to cover up this insecurity with laughter, zeros in on something essential about the human condition. This is a big part of why writer and star Kumail Nanjiani’s exploration of racial and cultural friction through this lens is so damn effective. Based on the actor’s own real-life relationship with his co-writer and wife Emily V. Gordon, the film would be special if it only consisted of its more basic romantic comedy elements, with Nanjiani rethinking the end of their relationship when Emily is hospitalized with a mysterious illness, forging a bond with her parents (Holly Hunter and Ray Romano, going far beyond the call of duty). Nanjiani and Zoe Kazan as Emily exude effervescent chemistry as they fall in love, break apart, […]

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