Video from ‘The Big Sick.’ The best true stories are the ones that feel too unlikely to be true but too honest to be made up. There is a moment The Big Sick, the newest film from director Michael Showalter ( Hello, My Name is Doris, The Baxter ) and producer Judd Apatow ( Girls, Bridesmaids ), when the film morphs into unexpected. It doesn’t exactly yank the rug out from under you, but it does gently pull it from its usual location hopes that you stay on for the ride. That ride is one that you will ultimately recognize its general ups and downs and expected triumphs and hurdles, but it’s winning cast and sincere, honest writing make it one of this ’s most charming film experiences to . Real- spouses Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. co-wrote the script based on the actual events surrounding their unique courtship. Kumail, who plays himself the film, is a struggling stand-up comedian and Uber driver who grew up Pakistan. After another uninspiring comedy gig, he has a meet-cute with Emily (Zoe Kazan, a wonderful actress who remains inexplicably on the fringes of […]