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Critical Distance: THE ASSIGNMENT, Man-Made Women Impeccably made and persuasively acted, The Assignment is a thriller that’s a throwback to director Walter Hill’s prime period in the late 70s and 80s. It never throws off the stink of its odious premise, but it’s so otherwise entertaining that it makes for a discomfiting watch. The outlandish premise, which understandably drew condemnation and scorn when taken out of context, appears to be that the greatest punishment that a man can ever receive is to be transformed into a woman. It’s the kind of idea that two men might cook up while drunk in a bar late at night: ‘Hey, you know what would be worse than death?’ In context, however, within the confines of the film’s story and its characterizations, it becomes apparent — eventually — that the "punishment" is more a reflection of a certain villain’s extremely twisted, comic book perspective. Because the entire film reflects the same skewed, possibly offensive, perspective, some viewers may be able to swallow their objections and accept The Assignment on its own terms. It’s meant to be provocative and it certainly delivers on that intention. Journalist Denis Hamill wrote the first draft of the […]

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