The Blessed Ones – Movie Review

The Blessed Ones July 2017 Writer/Director: Patrick O’Bell Starring: Andy Gates, Dave Vescio, Tazmin Brown, Alex Essoe Reviewed by Sean Leonard The Blessed Ones is the latest film from writer/director Patrick O’Bell, who also happens to be the co-owner of Lost Order Films, the production company that opened their doors with this release. Borrowing heavily on the premise of Jonestown, this film centers around the Polaris Society, a doomsday cult led by a very Jim Jones/Marshall Applewhite type of guy, Elyon (veteran B-movie actor Dave Vescio). Having literally just drank the Kool-Aid, most of the cult members are already dead – or now exist on Polaris, aka the North Star, if their beliefs came to fruition. For whatever reason, Spencer (Andy Gates), a down-on-his-luck kind of guy who ended up joining Polaris in hopes of finding something better, decided to not go through with it, and we learn most of the story from him as he is interrogated by the police. But how reliable could this narrator really be? As the story unfolds in a somewhat Usual Suspects -like style, we meet some other characters involved with the cult. Draco (veteran TV actor Jonathan Erickson Eisley) is the tough […]

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