The blonde crying behind James Bond is something that I can't stand: Luc Besson

Director Luc on set OUT IN THE UAE right now, Valerian and the City of A Thousand Planets is a comic book turned visually-stunning sci-fi space opera Luc . In a freewheeling chat with the writer-director when he visited Dubai for the movie’ Middle East premiere this weekend, opened up about the state of equality in the film industry, why he believes in a better future and how he manages to conjure up these larger--life stories. What is it about comic books that appeal as source material and why is it the right time to bring this ’60s comic to the big screen? French comics reflect our society, just like the Japanese reflect theirs and the comics of America reflect power. It’s like literature, painting, or even cooking. The relationship with Valerian was strong when I was 10. There was no TV, no music, nothing at the time. There was one black and white channel and then every Wednesday in a magazine appears Valerian. It was a shock to two space agents, driving a space ship, kicking aliens’ butts. I couldn’t believe it at 10. It was escape. It was also […]

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