Suzanne Laurent in her home in Portsmouth, N.H. The Bookshelf from NHPR is New Hampshire Public Radio’s series on authors and books with ties to the Granite State. All Things Considered host Peter Biello features authors, covers literary events and publishing trends, and gets recommendations from each guest on what books listeners might want to add to their own bookshelves. If you have an author or book you think we should profile on The Bookshelf, send us an email. The address is [email protected] This week on The Bookshelf from NHPR is Suzanne Laurent of Portsmouth. She lost her husband to a sudden illness in early 2015. His death turned her world upside down, and to cope with her feelings, she turned to poetry. That poetry is now collected in a book that explores loss, love, and grief. It’s called Losing Light: A Journey Through Grief . NHPR’s Peter Biello met with her at her home in Portsmouth to talk about her poetry and the man who inspired it. Scroll down to read a top 5 list of Suzanne’s reading recommendations and a transcript of the interview. Suzanne Laurent’s Top Five Reading Recommendations 1. Piano Lessons by Noah Adams, former […]