'The Crown' Creator Sees Britain's Royals As 'Just A Regular Family'

Claire Foy plays Queen Elizabeth II in the series The Crown. Series creator Peter Morgan says he believes the queen "naturally a shy, retiring person." Peter Morgan, creator of the series The Crown, unusual take on Britain’s royals. He says, "Let’s just stop thinking about them as a royal family for just a second and about them as just a regular family." Like any family, Morgan says, the House of Windsor its share of shame, regret and "misdemeanors of the past;" and, of course, "no family is complete without an embarrassing uncle." In the case of the Windsors, the uncle in question was King Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne 1936, paving the way for Elizabeth to become queen in 1952. Morgan’s drama, The Crown (now in its second season), ventures Buckingham Palace during the early years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, when the young queen was still adjusting to her new as monarch. Interview Highlights On The Crown ‘s central dilemma I do think [Queen Elizabeth II] would’ve been more comfortable as a country woman. I do think she is naturally a modest and naturally a shy, retiring person. […]

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