The Dark Tower (Movie Review)

August 21, 2017 The Dark Tower (Movie Review) Released in theaters nationwide on July 31, 2017 via Sony Pictures Entertainment, Nikolaj Arcel’s ( The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 2009, A Royal Affair 2012) The Dark Tower pits Matthew McConaughey ( Frailty 2001 , Interstellar 2014) and Idris Elba ( Pacific Rim 2013, Star Trek: Beyond 2016 ) on a world-jumping collision course. The question: is the film enough to placate the hordes of ravenous fans who have been waiting for it? The Dark Tower. © Sony Pictures Entertainment. To say that The Dark Tower has been eagerly-awaited would reek of understatement. Based on the revered 8-book series by Stephen King, the hype for the film has been percolating at a low roar throughout its multitude of online fanbases for two years now. To his fans, it is arguably Stephen King’s most loved series – and as with any book with a large and dedicated fanbase – that means any film adaptation is going to be saddled with some baggage. This is doubly true for Stephen King movies, which already suffer from what could best be described as a somewhat spotty track record. Objectively speaking, especially in the case […]

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