The Dark Tower (Movie Review)

August 21, 2017 The Dark Tower (Movie ) in theaters nationwide on July 31, 2017 via Sony Pictures Entertainment, Nikolaj Arcel’ ( The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 2009, A Royal Affair 2012) The Dark Tower pits McConaughey ( Frailty 2001 , Interstellar 2014) and Idris Elba ( Pacific Rim 2013, Star Trek: Beyond 2016 ) on a world-jumping collision course. The question: is the film enough to placate the hordes of ravenous who have been waiting for it? The Dark Tower. © Sony Pictures Entertainment. To say that The Dark Tower has been eagerly-awaited would reek of understatement. Based on the revered 8-book series by Stephen King, the hype for the film has been percolating at a low roar throughout its multitude of online fanbases for two years now. To his , it is arguably Stephen King’ most loved series – and as with any book with a large and dedicated fanbase – that means any film adaptation is going to be saddled with some baggage. This is doubly true for Stephen King movies, which already suffer from what best be described as a somewhat spotty track record. Objectively speaking, in the case […]

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