The etymology of the word ‘Artsakh’

For a long time, Armenians, changing the names of the occupied territories, are trying to erase the history contained in the true names of those regions from the memory of the people. They try to present even the words of truly Turkic-Azerbaijani origin as Armenian to the world. One of these words is a toponym ‘Arsak’, which has no relation to hays (Armenians) and it has been repeatedly proven, Kamran Rustamov writes in the article ‘The etymology of the word ‘Artsakh’ . Pompey Trog put forward the idea that "The origin of Arsag is not known." Danish scientist M. Thomsen, who translated the language of the Orkhon inscriptions to the world, repeats the same idea about Ases. V.V. Bartold calls Ases ‘not Turks’, and L.N. Gumilev calls them ‘mysterious people.’ The presence of the particles as / az in the names of the continents, countries and seas – Asia, the Caucasus, Azov – proves that Ases were considered once as one of the great nations of the world. The presence of the root ‘as’ in the ancient and modern names of rivers, seas and mountains – Astrakhan, Astara, Asna (village, river, tribe, mountain – Sharur region), such toponyms as […]

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