The Extra Woman review: a book to toast with a well-mixed cocktail

Marjorie Hillis: the Vogue editor led a generation women to live and it, according to Joanna Scutts Book Title: In the late summer of 1936, visitors to department stores all over America were greeted by glamorous displays celebrating the work of a woman called Marjorie Hillis. The displays showcased negligees, cosmetics, tea gowns, cocktail shakers – every little luxury an elegant woman could desire. But Hillis wasn’t a designer or the head of a cosmetics empire. She was an editor at Vogue magazine, and the displays were celebrating her new book, an amusing little volume which became one of 1936’s most talked- bestsellers. The book was called Live Alone and It: A Guide for the Extra Woman , and in it Hillis, then aged 46 and unmarried, offered women lived alone (either by necessity or desire) advice and encouragement on how to create and enjoy the they wanted – and how to do it in style. Society had viewed single women as a problem, an embarrassment or a joke. But as Joanna Scutts points out in this fascinating and hugely entertaining book, by 1936, things were changing. The Depression had thrown previous […]

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