Courtesy of Black Bicycle Entertainment Whitney Cummings directs an ensemble that includes Sofia Vergara, Toby Kebbell, James Marsden and Cecily Strong in a comic adaptation of Louann Brizendine’s pop-science book. With her first feature, Whitney Cummings joins the short list of filmmakers who have made comedies based on nonfiction best-sellers. Woody Allen did it in 1972 with Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex , and like that film, hers is composed of vignettes. But The Female Brain is a decidedly more middle-of-the-road affair, the brief scenes forming four rom-com threads involving couples at different stages of involvement, from just-met to long married. Anyone expecting the acerbic insights of the 2 Broke Girls co-creator’s stand-up will find a far gentler tone prevailing. At the feature’s Los Angeles Film Festival premiere, Cummings noted that she and co-writer Neal Brennan ( Chapelle’s Show ) were aiming for a nuanced depiction of reality rather than go-for-broke laughs. But comedy is the movie’s chief mode, and, however game the accomplished cast, it takes a while to find its comic groove. When it clicks, it can be terrifically, weirdly funny, making you wish that this loose-limbed approach had infused more of the film. […]

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