The New Dr. Who Unveiled I grew up watch­ing Doc­tor Who on PBS — begrudg­ing­ly . My dad, mom, and sis­ter all glo­ried in Tom Baker’s ren­di­tion of the Doc­tor run­ning through caves, his mul­ti-col­ored scarf trail­ing behind him, try­ing to get away from Daleks scream­ing “EXTERMINATE!” Fast for­ward to 2012, when my then eight-year-old son dis­cov­ered David Tennant’s tenth Doc­tor Who. He was hooked, and I was too. This Doc­tor was mod­ern and relat­able. I texted my son yes­ter­day when I heard that Jodie Whit­tak­er has been cast as the thir­teenth Doc­tor. What did he think about the first female Time Lord in the show’s fifty-four year his­to­ry? His response was imme­di­ate: “OMG! Cool! Saw it trend­ing on YouTube. Awe­some!!!!! [Many hap­py emo­jis.]. A friend, whose sev­en-year-old daugh­ter was also excit­ed by the news, raised a great ques­tion: How will the show’s writ­ers deal with the sex­ism that a female doc­tor most cer­tain­ly encoun­tered in the past? Giv­en the nature of sci­ence fic­tion as a genre, I doubt they will avoid the hard dis­cus­sion. Sci­ence fic­tion has been pret­ty good at lead­ing us to explore social ques­tions as well as tech­no­log­i­cal ones. Doc­tor Who has been espe­cial­ly adept at this, […]