The First Female Dr. Who. Woo Hoo!

The New Dr. Unveiled I grew up watching Doctor on PBS—begrudgingly . My dad, mom, and sister all gloried in Tom Baker’s rendition of the Doctor running through caves, his multi-colored scarf trailing behind him, trying get away from Daleks screaming “EXTERMINATE!” Fast forward 2012, when my then eight-year-old son discovered David Tennant’s tenth Doctor Who. He was hooked, and I was . This Doctor was modern and relatable. I texted my son yesterday when I heard that Jodie Whittaker has been cast as the thirteenth Doctor. What did he about the first female Time Lord in the show’s fifty-four year history? His response was immediate: “OMG! Cool! Saw it trending on YouTube. Awesome!!!!! [Many emojis.]. A friend, whose seven-year-old daughter was also excited by the news, raised a great question: How will the show’s writers deal the sexism that a female doctor most certainly encountered in the past? Given the nature of science fiction as a , I doubt they will avoid the hard discussion. Science fiction has been pretty good at leading us to explore social questions as well as technological ones. Doctor Who has been especially adept at this, […]

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