THE FLASH: FLASHPOINT Film & What The Comic Book Event Could Mean For the DCEU

"Justice League" still Credit: DC Films Flashpoint #1 When Warner Bros. surprised Comic Con International: San Diego fans with news its upcoming Flash film would be titled The Flash: Flashpoint , comic book readers understood the deep potential of that name. And when Jeffrey Dean Morgan shared photos on Twitter and Instagram that hinted he might be part of the project – playing Thomas Wayne again, but this time in a costume as Batman – the message seemed loud and clear. was the much-hyped, five-issue crossover event in 2011 where Barry Allen (as the Flash) traveled back in time to prevent the Reverse-Flash from killing his mother, but accidentally created a dangerously altered timeline. When he tried to fix the timeline, what resulted as a reboot of the entire comic book DCU into "New 52". At the very least, a Flashpoint film (with the comic book’s writer Geoff Johns producing, no less) means Barry Allen will be time-traveling, and the villain will be the Reverse-Flash. But knowing the story of the comic book, it opens up a lot of other interesting possibilities… Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures DCEU Reboot Credit: Andy Kubert (DC Comics) Could the Flashpoint film greatly alter […]

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