‘The Glass Castle’ book review

( Facebook page The Glass Castle) There’s something about reading a book aloud that makes it ever the more memorable, and Jeannette Walls’ painfully lyrical memoir, “The Glass Castle,” reiterates this feeling further. With every dog-eared page and re-recited passage, I came to understand each individual character Walls’ more completely. Every childhood skirmish the characters faced while in desolation in the coal-dusted of Welch, West Virginia, an unfurnished with a slanted porch, came to signify more than a time of financial misfortune. These clashes symbolized the relationship between the -centered mother, Rose Mary, and her convoluted sense of parental responsibilities, father Rex’s unrelenting drinking habits at the expense of his family and four children’s unmatched desire to persist and attain a life of eventual normalcy. As the narrative progresses, an easy dynamic to be cognizant of was the — despite its unconventional nature — between Walls and the rest of her family. Walls goes to great lengths to demonstrate the permanence of family in her mind. She describes with immense detail the sense of comradery that developed as a result of otherwise unfortunate circumstances, like taking a tumble out of […]

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