The Grammar Of The Internet

It has been said multiple times over and over that one cannot express emotion over text messages. In written word, it simply isn’t possible to convey facial expressions, inflection, tone, and volume to the degree that spoke word provides. It’s the one major downside that such a form of communication has. Which is why emoticons (and then, later, emojis) were invented; so one can throw a smiley face at the end of their passive-aggressive message to show that they’re just joking. But those who claim that they cannot understand the emotional undertones of modern written word are simply not fluent in the type that has formed since the rise of the internet. Yup. Today, we’re going to be discussing the grammar of the internet. There are about 55 keys on a standard keyboard, which include, among others; the alphabet, numbers, shift, control, alt, and enter keys. With these simple buttons, individuals on the internet were able to create their own language with various subcultures depending on which website one frequents. Most of the examples today will be taken from Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram, but these grammatical rules can be used throughout most of the internet interchangeably. 1. Questions And […]

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