The Irish writer Sally Rooney on the humour in her debut book

can we expect from your debut novel, Conversations with Friends? It seems to say a lot about it is to be young and female, but do you want it to be understood as having more dimensions to it than that? No, not . I don’t think I can tell readers what to in the book; but I guess I also think the lives of young women are a fit subject for a novel. Of course, as a young woman myself I don’t experience life as one long commentary on the themes of youth and femininity, and a novel with a middle-aged male probably wouldn’t be read as a on “what it is to be middle-aged and male”. But people can approach the book however they want. It’s not up to me anymore. Was it a departure for you to write a novel when you’re so well versed in the form? Thanks for the kind words. I’m not sure I’d call myself “well versed” in the . I’ve written about four or five fully completed short stories in my life, and actually, I all of them after I’d finished the […]

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