What can we expect from your debut nov­el, Con­ver­sa­tions with Friends? It seems to say a lot about what it is to be young and female, but do you want it to be under­stood as hav­ing more dimen­sions to it than that? No, not real­ly. I don’t think I can tell read­ers what to find in the book; but I guess I also think the lives of young women are a per­fect­ly fit sub­ject for a nov­el. Of course, as a young woman myself I don’t expe­ri­ence life as one long com­men­tary on the themes of youth and fem­i­nin­i­ty, and a nov­el with a mid­dle-aged male pro­tag­o­nist prob­a­bly wouldn’t be read as a state­ment on “what it is to be mid­dle-aged and male”. But peo­ple can approach the book how­ev­er they want. It’s not up to me any­more. Was it a depar­ture for you to write a nov­el when you’re so well versed in the short sto­ry form? Thanks for the kind words. I’m not sure I’d call myself “well versed” in the short sto­ry. I’ve writ­ten about four or five ful­ly com­plet­ed short sto­ries in my life, and actu­al­ly, I wrote all of them after I’d fin­ished the […]