The government has just launched public consultation document for new strategy on Gozo. of it is about how to tap into EU money to fund ‘projects’ and ‘development’. This is typical of vaguely modernist obsession with progress and projects, as opposed to preserving what is there. It’s also nauseating but never . I’m interested in the language of the document and what it tells us about islands, geography and . the well-trodden term ‘double insularity’. It is usually summoned to make arguments for improved access. Even as the machines are extracting core samples for the geological side of the tunnel feasibility study, there is talk of a fourth ferry and even air links to destinations other than Malta. There is nothing particularly mad about the . Lampedusa is less than a the size of Gozo and it has an airport which connects it to a of places in Italy. Some of them are as far distant from that island as Malta is from Athens or Algiers. Technically, Gozo could be said to a triple insularity. It is, after all, an island off an island (Malta) off an island […]

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