The Lego Movie was a sur­prise to many – a  that when it was announced sound­ed like such a bad idea turned out to be one of the fun­ni­est, most orig­i­nal ani­mat­ed movies of the last few years, and a major hit to boost. Warn­er Bros. sud­den­ly realised they had the poten­tial for some­thing much big­ger, so rather than just putting a sequel in the works, they start­ed work­ing on spin-offs, includ­ing a Nin­ja­go movie and The Lego Bat­man Movie. We first met the Lego ver­sion of Bat­man (Will Arnett) in The Lego Movie – an arro­gant vig­i­lante con­vinced of his own great­ness and jeal­ous of the praise oth­er super­heroes get. He starts out the same here, sav­ing City from The Jok­er and a Rogues Gallery of vil­lains, and con­fi­dent about how every­one thinks he . How­ev­er, he’s also obsessed with doing , with the result that when he’s back Wayne Manor, he only has his but­ler Alfred (Ralph Fiennes) for com­pa­ny. Bat­man thinks that for the , but it may be because he’s afraid of hav­ing a fam­i­ly. Things begin to unrav­el for him when he acci­den­tal­ly adopts an orphan, Dick Grayson (Michael […]