The Lost Brigade

The Lost Brigade, by Bruce Guernsey, Water Press, 2005, 70 pages, paper, $12.5, ISBN: 0-744524--1 New England Primer, by Bruce Guernsey, Cherry Grove Press, 2008, 80 pages, paper, $18.00, ISBN: 7813499226 I’ve been for heat — no power, yet there is no need for lights outdoors. Branches glisten with , a glossy sheen. An eerie quiet hangs over neighborhood. The willows branches droop like chandeliers, and I am The Lost Brigade by Bruce Guernsey. It is an enchanting book. On a May day, cool as it can be in New England, Guernsey’s father wandered from a VA hospital, headed off on his own, ailing from Parkinson’s disease and was never found. As he and others search the countryside for his father, the book traces the topography of . A World War II veteran, his father embodies the temerity of that generation — men who sacrificed immensely, suffered as many veterans, silently, with recurrent nightmares; men who, despite their internal angst, remained steadfast and dedicated to their families. Since the central quest in this book is epic — finding his father — it has a strong narrative thrust. The initial poems, both and tender, about his , […]

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