The Lyfe Movie Review: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman By Rob Jefchak Let’s be frank for a moment, DC has proven to be a colossal dumpster fire that continues to garbage, disappointment disgust ever since their second rate, hacked attempt at making a cinematic universe like Marvel with the (at best) mediocre “Man of Steel.” Every movie since that one has been colossal failure after colossal failure, with each film (impossible as it seem) being infinitely worse than the last one. Many people claimed Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was one of the highlights of “Batman vs. Superman”. I frankly felt she was just as flat and forgettable as the rest of the movie, now she has a chance to shine and turn DC’s dismal reputation around with DC’s first solo female superhero movie, “Wonder Woman.” On the protected, female dominated island of the Amazons, young warrior in (Gal Gadot) comes across the strangest thing she has ever seen: a man. WW1 pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashes on the island’s shores and reveals a world war is occurring; costing thousands of lives and affecting most of the civilized world. Unable to ignore the suffering of others, goes […]

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