The Man and The Manservant – Short Story "You sent away my only friend because it made you jealous to see someone make me happy in ways you could not, but you have made no attempt to fill the empty space they left, to comfort me… This is not love. This is possession!" Her words rung out repeatedly inside his mind. How they angered him. He had become so enraged by her indignant speech that he had stood up from the breakfast table, grabbed his coat and hat and walked right out the front door without another word. Had he stayed he surely would’ve said something terribly ungentlemanly, and that would’ve hardly been a suitable way for a man to behave toward a lady… much less the lady who was his wife. But why shouldn’t I have said it?! He thought fuming, having stopped just long enough for a carriage to pass so he could make his way across the street. How could she speak to him like that?! He had done nothing wrong! He had had every right to fire that manservant. The only reason he had allowed him to be employed was because he did his job […]

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