The Man and The Manser­vant — Short Sto­ry “You sent away my only friend because it made you jeal­ous to see some­one make me hap­py in ways you could not, but you have made no attempt to fill the emp­ty space they left, to com­fort me… This is not love. This is pos­ses­sion!” Her words rung out repeat­ed­ly inside his mind. How they angered him. He had become so enraged by her indig­nant speech that he had stood up from the break­fast table, grabbed his coat and hat and walked right out the front door with­out anoth­er word. Had he stayed he sure­ly would’ve said some­thing ter­ri­bly ungentle­man­ly, and that would’ve hard­ly been a suit­able way for a man to behave toward a lady… much less the lady who was his wife. But why shouldn’t I have said it?! He thought fum­ing, hav­ing stopped just long enough for a car­riage to pass so he could make his way across the street. How could she speak to him like that?! He had done noth­ing wrong! He had had every right to fire that manser­vant. The only rea­son he had allowed him to be employed was because he did his job […]