[Sargon Boulus. Image from al-Akhbar] The Master of Exile: A Portrait of Sargon Boulus (1944-2007) “He started roaming at the age of twenty/and never found a place to settle until the end.” Where is Sargon Boulus? The answer is not simple at all. His body has been lying for almost a decade now in a cemetery in Turlock, CA. It is said that he had wanted to be buried in Berlin, the city he loved and where he often escaped, but his wish was unfulfilled. Perhaps there is poetic irony here. The poet’s body migrates (or is forced to migrate) one last time, after his death, to his last (non)resting place. The farthest of the there(s). “I came to you from there.” Some will say that he lived in the United Stares for four decades. Yes, but it never became a home. Sargon said in an interview: “America for me is a place to live, a home, but not a homeland- you can’t have that twice. And at the same time you cannot go back to your country again . . . The Arabic language, which is the umbilical cord that ties me to my people and my history, […]