The Movie Driver Skill Matrix

Move over, Baby: We’ve rated the speed, skill, coolness of Dom, Jules, Furiosa, Hoke Colburn, the greatest car ( horse) drivers film (Columbia Pictures/FilmDistrict/Universal Pictures/Warner Bros. Pictures/Ringer illustration) ccasionally I will a new movie and it will end up so good and great and fun and wonderful that I’ afraid to talk about or write about it for fear of giving anything away or ruining anything for anyone who’s yet to see it. (It always leads to me saying things like, “The movie was so good and great and fun and wonderful,” as it were.) So far this year, it’s happened with Jordan Peele’s brilliant race horror movie Get Out , John Wick: Chapter 2 , which somehow managed to take all the things that John Wick did and do them even , and Patty Jenkins’s Wonder Woman , a masterwork in the superhero genre. And now added to that : Baby Driver , a Getaway Driver movie so interesting and that the only thing I’m willing to tell you about it is there were parts in it when, as a response to a thing that was happening onscreen, […]

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