Move over, Baby: We’ve rat­ed the speed, skill, and cool­ness of Dom, Jules, Furiosa, Hoke Col­burn, and the great­est car (and horse) dri­vers in film (Colum­bia Pictures/​FilmDistrict/​Universal Pictures/​Warner Bros. Pictures/​Ringer illus­tra­tion) cca­sion­al­ly I will watch a new movie and it will end up being so good and great and fun and won­der­ful that I’m almost afraid to talk about or write about it for fear of giv­ing any­thing away or ruin­ing any­thing for any­one who’s yet to see it. (It almost always leads to me say­ing things like, “The movie was so good and great and fun and won­der­ful,” as it were.) So far this year, it’s hap­pened with Jor­dan Peele’s bril­liant race hor­ror movie Get Out , John Wick: Chap­ter 2 , which some­how man­aged to take all the things that John Wick did well and do them even bet­ter, and Pat­ty Jenkins’s Won­der Woman , a mas­ter­work in the super­hero genre. And now added to that list: Baby Dri­ver , a Get­away Dri­ver movie so inter­est­ing and excel­lent that the only thing I’m will­ing to tell you about it is there were sev­er­al parts in it when, as a response to a thing that was hap­pen­ing onscreen, […]