The New Evolution of Books and Storytelling: Virtual Reality

Once upon a time, reading was the only escape we had. But then… Technology changes everything. Radio. Television. Movies. Internet. Smartphones. Snapchat. Instagram. Netflix. Reading is not the only escape anymore. Just like anything in this world, books need to evolve, so it can stay alive. So, it evolves . Audio books. Scripts. E-book. Medium. Wattpad. However, another distraction is coming, as two technologies are being on the work by big giant techs, such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Sony, and HTC. Even Hollywood industries are considering this technology for their upcoming movies. These technologies are cousins . So, let me introduce them: Please, welcome, virtual reality and augmented reality . Haven’t heard of them yet? You’re on the right article. Virtual reality is when you can virtually go inside the book. Imagine reading Harry Potter and you can virtually visit and explore Hogwarts, meet Harry, Ron, and Hermione, join the training. You can achieve that all from virtual reality. Take a look at the example of Google Earth in virtual reality below: Meanwhile, augmented reality is when you want to make your books come alive. Like this: But how will virtual reality change writers and publishers? When radio and […]

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