Editor’s Note: Fans of the critically acclaimed hit CW series Jane the Virgin have watched the ups and downs its title character Jane Villanueva has experienced on the road to becoming a published author. After several re-writes and working with the publisher to find the right cover illustration, Jane celebrated the completed novel with a book party on Friday’s episode “Chapter Seventy.” Adams Media decided to make Snow Falling a reality by publishing the novel under the banner of the fictional imprint, “Lorden + Gregor,” under license by CBS Consumer Products. Here is our review of Jane’s debut novel. For the purposes of this review, we stick to the premise that Jane Gloriana Villanueva is a first-time author, not a fictional TV character. Here’s how you should judge a romance novel (you know, the kind that feature a bare-chested man on the cover hugging a beautifully distressed woman): look at the way they describe the men. I mean, that’s why we all pick up these books, yes? To find a release for our innermost lustful thoughts. It’s also likely the very reason why those books are written. And if Snow Falling is any indication, first-time author Jane Gloriana Villanueva […]