The choice to read is always with the reader. If you do not like a book, throw it away. There is no compulsion to read a book. Literary tastes may vary – what is right and acceptable to one may not be so to others. Yet, the right to write is unhindered. — Madras High Court , July 5, 2016 The freedom to write wholly depends on the reader’s right to choose what they read. And reading can unlock incredible experiences, even if we shut every aperture and leave just a single door or window open to new ideas. If we let our minds dwell inside an impenetrable dark cave, nothing will get inside. We can gain from reading only if we are welcoming of unfamiliar ideas. A guest always arrives with different stories of her own to tell. Reading literature is exactly like inviting a guest to your home. The result is conversation, stimulation, exchange of news and ideas, and good cheer. Popular literature of today does not raise any questions about our values or shed fresh light on life as we know it. It only addresses the superficial changes taking place around us and ends up glorifying […]