In the Sea­son 4 finale of The CW series The Orig­i­nals , enti­tled “The Feast of All Sin­ners,” the Mikael­sons find them­selves out of options with the all-pow­er­ful, un-kil­l­able enti­ty known as The Hol­low, and the only answer seems to be some­thing that will rip apart their fam­i­ly vow of “always and for­ev­er.” With the life of Hope ( Sum­mer Fontana ) at stake, Vin­cent ( Yusuf Gate­wood ) devis­es a plan that will force Klaus ( Joseph Mor­gan ), Eli­jah ( Daniel Gillies ), Hay­ley ( Phoebe Tonkin ), Rebekah ( Claire Holt ) and Freya ( Riley Voelkel ) to test their bond like nev­er before. Dur­ing Pt. 1 of this 1-on-1 phone inter­view with Col­lid­er, showrun­ner Michael Nar­duc­ci talked about writ­ing this episode know­ing that it would be his last on the show (he will not be return­ing for Sea­son 5), what fans of the series should brace them­selves for with the Sea­son 4 finale, why he want­ed to explore the “always and for­ev­er” bond of the Mikael­sons and who they might be with­out it, what he’s most proud of with the show, and whether he might want to try direct­ing, in the future. Be aware […]