The Poem By: AlisaSapphire danisnotonfire and amazingphil fan fiction alert! Phil read Dan a poem and regrets it. If you see my favorite one i to release it when i have a bigger following then… "’I’ you until I’m on the outside. I’ll give you all of my moral seconds. I’ll never leave your side. I’ll die holding your .’" Phil said to Dan as they sat on the couch, both on their their laptops. Dan looked up Phil with a skeptical look. "What does the rest of it say?" he said, knowing what was . Phil got a scared look on his . "That it." Phil said as his and voice showed he was lying. Dan looked him in the eyes almost to tell him he knew he was lying. Under the pressure he blurted out "Fine, ‘But after that, I want some "me time."’ You happy?"Dan smiled back at him and went back to his browsing. "Bo Burnham, right?" Dan said. Phils head dropped. "Thought I would be able to get one by you." "Well, pick a harder one next time." Weeks later Dan fell violently ill and then […]

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