Note: I wrote this with a prelude to lead up to the writing of the letter. I thought it would add a touch more personality to it. I also tried to write the letter in a somewhat sporadic way, as the prince or another child may talk. Thanks! Prelude “Priiiinnnnceeee!!” I hear the voice of my rose from the other side of my planet. I have just finished cleaning my volcanos, and my sheep is munching on the baobab roots. I walk over quickly and see my rose, underneath her glass globe. “What is it, Rosie?” “Don’t call me that! I am a dignified woman who will not be called by such a common name!” I smile, raising the glass globe as the sun reached her petals. As I do, however, I see a peculiar object on the ground. It seems to be a box of some sort, wrapped in a paper covered in stars. “What is this?”, I say as I reach to pick it up. Oof, heavier than I expected it to be. “That is what I called you here for, Dummy. Some sort of ship just passed by, and it fell out. Nearly crushed me!!” I […]

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