The reason why i write

I don’t exactly know how to go about this but, i’ll definitely try to put this in the most concise and somewhat succinct way possible. The reason i write has to stem from the fact that writing to me is complete freedom stuffed into a single past time. Reality can be somewhat stifling to me. There are many things you can’t do or say. You’re always somewhat forced to abide by the rigid and somewhat arbitrary rule set that the majority of the your society’s population creates. And whoever dares break any of these rules are usually met with great scrutiny and to a certain degree, treated as a social pariah by the normalcy abiding citizens. It’s the banner of normalcy that the population that holds majority use onto anyone and anything that breaths. Arbitrary rules such as what’s OK to say and what isn’t OK to say. What’s OK to do and what isn’t OK to do. Can limit one’s ability to express themselves in a way that they see fit So, when i want to express myself writing becomes my creative medium. Being able to say what i want how i want whenever i want on dead […]

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