The six most objectively awful people who have an Oscar

But his worst trespasses involved the intimidation as well as physical and verbal abuse he piled on his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. In a series of highly racist, misogynist rants recorded by Grigorieva, he threatened to kill her, rape her and bury her in a rose garden . There was considerable fallout from the revelations of those recordings, along with all his other statements . And, yet, Gibson has clawed his way back into Hollywood’s good graces, a horrid person welcomed back into the fold. Kevin Spacey Hey, remember how horrible Kevin Spacey is? With Harvey Weinstein and others still burning alive, and the silent Spacey’s future erased , it can be easy to forget. Spacey was well known in certain circles for being a self-aggrandizing, self-serious and often imperious dick high on his success and his 1996 Best Supporting Actor win for "The Usual Suspects" and his 2000 Best Actor victory for "American Beauty." But that sort of low-grade awfulness is not much to write home about in Hollywood and certainly not enough to get you on this list. No, what must shame the Academy is that Spacey has an alleged history of sexually harassing and assaulting young men […]

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