The story behind 6 of the creepiest nursery rhyme lines

It’s a lucky babe is sung to sleep with a nursery rhyme, soothing and rhythmic, just like a mother’s heartbeat. And the rhymes date back centuries. Still, "for all their popularity, most us don’t know the heck ’re singing ," noted Emily Frost in Babble. "There was an old lady who lived in a shoe? !? To make matters worse, we’re singing with children who are at the height their inquisitive and persistent phase, as in, ‘Why? Why? But why?’" Every now and then, it’s refreshing to join the little ones in a good bit curiosity. Before chanting another rhyme about animals who may or may not any wool or pockets that are full of posies, let’s review some lyrics and their origins. Just what do those weird old nursery rhymes mean? First off, there are the purely bizarre. Kids don’t to grow up and read Alice In Wonderland for outright strange sequences. Not when there’s Hey Diddle, Diddle , a nursery rhyme that be traced back to 1500s England and may be a reference to the scandal between Queen Elizabeth I and her "lap dog," Robert Dudley the Earl […]

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