The Talented Ms Gore takes on Patricia Highsmith for Switzerland

With Joanna Murray-Smith’s Switzerland set to open in Adelaide, Sandy Gore chats about playing the “mercurial” author that was Patricia Highsmith and what sort of truths there are to be found in her most famous creation, Tom Ripley. Sandy Gore says she doesn’t see herself as just an actor. Her role is more than calling out lines as part of a play; it’s to tell a story. It makes sense then that Gore finds herself playing Patricia Highsmith, one of the most enigmatic storytellers of the 20 th century, in Joanna Murray-Smith’s play Switzerland . Having been performed four times since it was penned, Switzerland comes to Adelaide trailing praise for its dark wit and clever manipulation of audience expectations. Highsmith was a prolific novelist, responsible for a wide collection of thrilling stories rife with existential questions about morality, including Strangers on a Train , and of course, the Tom Ripley novels. Those stories about Ripley, with his amoral machinations and murderous identity changes, captivated the imaginations of many and still do to this day. Gore is brimming with enthusiasm as she speaks to The Adelaide Review about the story the State Theatre Company is about to tell, particularly […]

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