The theatre of the mind

: Speculations around and about Ramakrishna Paramahamsa & Ramana Maharshi Arun Shourie HarperCollins ₹699 Despite claims to the contrary, we inhabit the books we write through our with the main protagonists. This is not always intentional or even contrived: it is present through the , idioms, ideas we choose to explain people and phenomena, and the events as they unfold around them. In this remarkable book, history, memory, anecdotes, come into play in the unravelling of complex phenomena. At the heart of the book is the author who is struggling to sense of inexplicable phenomena through recourse to neuroscience, biological factors, unfathomable spiritual practices, and the lives of deeply revered and uniquely complex individuals. Shourie’ personal journey is central to this book as he seeks answers from those whose experiences are in fact the stuff of mystery, , and other worldliness. He is as much a part of the core arguments in this work as are the characters and their profoundly psychic experiences that he seeks to understand and explain. Shourie has written a powerful book. He seamlessly moves between the personal, the spiritual and the scientific to render explicable that which is incomprehensible […]

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