The Versace Family's Reaction To 'American Crime Story' Is Anything But Positive

Ryan Murphy is no stranger to controversy. During his years with Glee, he got into fights with artists who refused to allow their songs to be covered by the show. His American Horror Story series has needed last minute edits when mass shootings have made his TV violence a little too close to home. But he’s never dealt with anything quite like what’s happening ahead of the release of The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story . The Versace family’s reaction to American Crime Story has been swift and unequivocal. They’ve seen what the show had done with the story of the late Gianni, founder of the fashion house that bears his name, and They. Do. Not. Approve. With the show coming next Wednesday, Jan. 17, the Versace family’s campaign against the series began in earnest this past Monday, Jan. 8. They put out a statement saying that the show was a work of fiction, that they had not consented to this series being made, and it should be considered unauthorized, as well as factually incorrect. The Versace family has neither authorized nor had any involvement whatsoever in the forthcoming TV series about the death of Mr. Gianni […]

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